Third Party Reviews

Brian C. | October 12, 2018 |

"I'm writing this to warn you about one of the stylists they have here. Stella. I've let her cut my hair twice and upon the second attempt I may stay away from any and all Sports Clips. She's isn't rude, she actually doesn't really speak, this is strictly about her lack of skill with the clippers. In fact lack of is too much, she so bad, whoever cuts her hair needs to get beat up. The first time she messed me up, I thought these things happen from time to time. I went back a few weeks later and she was the only person available so I let her have a go, that was my fault. Not only did she disregard my instructions, she didn't even seem to notice she was ruining my entire life. I had to go to another place and have them fix what she did. Learn from my mistakes and if you walk in and see a name tag that says Stella. Go home and give your self a haircut in the mirror. Whatever comes out will be better than what she could do to you."

Jose Ramirez | September 06, 2018 |

"My teenage son loves to get his haircut here. Also, it’s military Veteran owned, another huge plus."

Dave | August 19, 2018 |

"Checked in online, showed up when they suggested I should, I expected to wait since not everything is fool proof. After I checked in the worker named Stella started taking people’s names off the waiting list because they weren’t in the building even though they still had 20 plus mins left on their wait time. One guy comes in disgruntled because his name was taken off and Stella acts oblivious to how that happened. So she lets him skip ahead and get his haircut next instead of owning her mistake and checking if he was actually next. After that I sat in the shop for 50 mins just for my name to fall of the queue and then get told I had to check in again and wait. Which the waiting list was now 1hr and 30 mins. TL:DR don’t recommend this place at all"

Joshua Wilks | July 29, 2018 |

"I tried this location hoping it would be better than others. IT IS NOT!! My beard is completely butchered and there’s more than two inches difference between the right and left sides. I had to completely shave."

Joshua W. | July 30, 2018 |

"I had hoped this was a better location than the other two in Alexandria, but it's not. I keep going back thinking I'll get a decent stylist but never do. Yesterday my beard was butchered and I had to completely shave it off. I'm giving up on Sports Clips."

Jeanie H | July 11, 2018 |

"Great massage!"

Caroline Maunakea-Hammonds | July 06, 2018 |

"My husband took my son in today 7/6/18 for a SIMPLE undercut. Stella was the woman who cut my sons hair, and to say she butchered it is an understatement. She not only took it up ridiculously high on the right side, but the lines were terribly crooked. When my husband questioned what happened, Stella decided the best thing to do was catch an attitude. Luckily, Sherri the manager was there to intervene and apologize for the horrible treatment and cut recieved. She offered to try to fix Stella's mistake, but seeing as she took it far too high there was no helping the situation. She did give my husband a refund, which I feel was the least she could do. Thank you Sherri for trying to help, but what you need to do is fire Stella."

andre romero | May 29, 2018 |

"This place is AWESOME. I've visited 3 (different) barber shops before coming to sports clips. And the barbers there actually listens to me. And give me the haircut I want."

Janessa O'Connor | April 24, 2018 |

"My husband and son go here biweekly. My husband has had some really great haircuts but he had one girl named Stella specifically who messed it up really bad! He’s in the Army so he can’t have messed up hair cuts but we gave her another shot at redeeming herself by cutting our sons & She messed that up too. Since the first 2 times we have been stuck going with her once more for our son and she once again screwed it up. She’s awful and working in the area she does she probably should be good at fades! Extremely disappointed and just wanted to make other people aware of her lack of skills."

Trish J. | July 07, 2016 |

"Cheesy overload. We came here bc we happened to pick up a free cut card and figured it was worth a try. Should've known from that. We walked in to horribly corny sports decor during a big soccer match, that wasn't even on tv(Germany vs. France). There were about 8 people in the waiting area. 2 girls cutting hair and no check in person. The 2 girls individually turned around and said but that was it. No it'll be just a few or sign in here. We literally turned around and walked out. No haircut for us."